Our magnetic dot have two size,small one and large one ,the small one around 19.5*19.5*12cm and size of large one around 30*30*12cm .

the Magnetic dots board is made of ABS material with rounded edges, designed to stand the test of time and occasional knocks and drops. and each magnetic board come with 7 cards with 14 pattern ideas that can slide in and out of the tray so little ones have a design to match the magnets to.

the magnetic board can be used over and over again, kids can enhance gross and fine motor skills using the magnetic pen drawing up, sliding, and dropping down the round colorful beans. The board can be easily erased by putting it upright.

the magnetic drawing board for kids is easy to take everywhere, fits any travel bag,It's the perfect toy for long road trips, airplane travel, restaurants, and outdoors!

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